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'Simple Precision'

Seam Phantom Animation

The Seam Phantom®

Designed to fit onto your Angle Grinder/Polisher, Seam Phantom® holds the polishing wheel at a precise angle.  When used with the supplied guide rail, the in and out adjustment allows for precisely dressed seam edges that can result in a nearly invisible seam. Seam Phantom® can be used to correct out of square or rough saw cuts.

Phantom SL3 abrasives

Are you using the SL3™ abrasives with your Seam Phantom yet?  Or for Top or Edge Polishing?  There is a starter package for existing Seam Phantom users and for those who want to use them for Top Polishing.  Phantom SL3™ abrasives are available through most of our distributors. 

DISTRIBUTORS: Seam Phantom and Phantom SL3™ items are carried by Regent Stone Products, GranQuartz, Horny Toad Tools, Granite City Tools, GMR Quality Stone Products, Easy Stone Care, Vector Tools, and Triton Stone Industries in the US.  If you are a Canadian customer, GranQuartz Canada.  In Europe, check out Waters Group, Ltd in the UK.  Send us an email if you are outside of North America and are interested in the Seam Phantom.